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CCNA Course Outline
The following list is an approximate day‐by‐day breakdown of GlobalNet Training’s Cisco
Authorized CCNA course developed by industry expert Todd Lammle. GlobalNet Training believes in the necessity of lab repetition to help build solid networking
skills. In addition, multiple routers and switches per student (no sharing of equipment) are
utilized. GlobalNet Training offers more hands‐on and written labs than any other IT training company in the industry. Note: All labs are subject to change and are up to the instructor’s discretion.
Day 1: I
ternetworking and Cisco IOS The Cisco IOS Interfac
Introduction to TCP/IP and Subnetting Chapter 1: Inteetwo
king The following wten l
ab is covered in chapter 1: 1.1Written Lab: OSI
1.2 Written Lab: Binary/Hexadecimal Practice Chapter 2: Intr
oduction to TCP/IP The following written lab is covered in chapter 2:
2.1: Written Lab: Introduction to TCP/IP Chapter 3: The
Cisco Interface The following hapter 3:
ands‐on labs are covered in ch
3.1: Console login
3.2: Router Examination Lab
3.3. Configuring Administrative Functions on your routers
3.4: Configuring your Router interfaces 3.5: Configuring your Catalyst Switches
3.6: Configuring your backbone router and verifying your internetwork Chapter 4: Adv
anced IOS Management The following h
ands‐on labs are performed in chapter 4:
4.1: Copying the Cisco IOS to a TFTP Host
4.2: Backing up and restoring the configuration of your routers and switch
4.3: Using CDP to find your Neighbors 4.4: Telneting into Multiple routers and switches simultaneously 4.5: Building and maintaining a hosts table
Day 2: IP Routing
Chapterouting 5: IP R
The following written and hands‐on labs are performed in chapter 5:
5.1: Static Routing and Verification
5.2: RIP Routing and Verification
5.3: EIGRP Routing and Verification
5.4: OSPF Single Area Configuration and Verification 5.5: OSPF DR and BDR elections 5.7: Written Lab: IP Routing
Day 3: Advanced TCP/IP, AccessLists and NAT Chapter 6: Adv
anced TCP/IP The following wed in chapter 6:
ritten and hands‐on labs are perform
6.1: Written Lab: Class B Subnetting 6.2: Written Lab: VLSM Design
6.3: Implementing VLSM and Summarization Chapter 7: Acc
ess Lists The following h
ands‐on labs are performed in chapter 7:
7.1: Configuring Standard IP Access‐lists 7.2: Limiting VTY Access
7.3: Extended access‐list configurations
Chapter 8: Net
work Address Translation
8.1: Setting up Network Address Translation (NAT) 8.2: Dynamic NAT 8.3: Port Address Translation (PAT)
Day 4: Switching, VLAN’s, Wireless LANs a
nd IPv6 Chapter 9: Swi
tching and VLANs The following la
bs are covered in chapter 9: 9.1: Configuring Switching with VLAN’s and inter‐VLAN Routing
9.2: Written Lab: Switching Chapter 10: In
troduction to Wireless LAN’s The following labs are covered in chapter 10:
10.1: Written Lab: Introduction to Wireless Chapter 11: In
troduction to IPv6 The following la:
bs are covered in chapter 1111.1: Configuring basic IPv6 11.2: Written Lab: IPv6
Day 5: Wide Area Networks and Review Chapter 12: Cis
co Wide Area Network Support (WANs) The following wpter 12:
ritten and hands‐on labs are covered in cha
12.1: Configuring PPP with Authentication
12.2: Configuring Frame Relay 12.3: Verifying Frame Relay 12.4: Written Lab Frame Relay

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Actually, there have been numerous opportunity that rose after completion of CCNA certification success. I would like to enlist a few

The number of job roles to apply increased

There was a boost in confidence on knowledge gained

The number of calls from various job portals increased dramatically

My interest got towards improving my knowledge with further training at higher levels CCNP and CCIE programs

I got shortlisted in more frequently than before

There were many passive features too that came after the certification success. A lot of quick details on Networking training at all the three levels may be obtained



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