Curator dog bites staff palm net Jingling: It was such a big one…

Make up 1 million 2! Later, the medical treatment fee will be calculated separately, and the United States will be asked to take a vacation for two months without any problems. However, the United States is reluctant to think that he is only left-handed injured or able to work.

The curator had earlier announced on the live broadcast that he would no longer raise other dogs after the nobita had been raised and took a picture with Naohoo on his Facebook Nobita, what should I do? The curator and PO showed a photo sitting on the ground with Nobita. “Thank you all for your interest in the past few days. When the child owes him to my older generation, I will not say anything else.”

After the photo taken by the curator and Nobita PO, the netizen thinks that Nobita is too big, “is he also going to do gymnastics or how big it is?” “I do not want to suddenly become a giant bear because of the small bear on the camera.” Dog light to see the photo I will be afraid of … “,” Daxiong bigger than the curator only “,” scary big only “,” Curator face smaller! What happened? ”

The curator also had an explanation of Nobita’s descent on Facebook before, saying that Nobita is a Caucasian dog originating in the Russian Caucasus and has a strong, muscular, well-developed and well-proportioned skeleton, One of the largest dogs, weighing about 70 to 100 kg or so, bite force is 10 times the dog, the strength is better than the average adult.



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